Windward Express operates two Britten Norman Islanders, PJ-WEA, PJ-WEB & one Piper Aztec, PJ-WEC (seats 5 passengers). These aircraft have excellent STOL (Short Take-Off and Landing) capabilities which makes them ideal aircraft for operation into short runways such as St. Barths, Baillif, Le Saints and Saba. With only about 100 feet of usable runway, Saba’s runway is the shortest commerical runway in the world!

The Islander has a seating capacity of 9 and a 600 mile range, therefore the whole chain of



Caribbean Islands is in its range. In the cargo convension it carries 2000 pounds of cargo. Besides the standard equipment this aircraft is also equipped with weather radar, auto pilot and GPS (satellite navigation) system. For more information about our aircrafts, click on the links below: